Behind the scenes.

At Maeving we are driven by two things: the desire to make the best electric motorcycles possible, and the belief that this is most readily achieved by harnessing Britain’s heritage in motorcycle engineering.

Our product team earned their stripes among the ranks of the great British motorcycle manufacturers and, with over a century of experience between them, have been responsible for some of the most revered bikes on the road today.

Add to that a determination to do right by the planet by drawing more riders on to zero-emission transport, and a move away from motorcycle dealerships towards doorstep delivery and servicing, and you have a movement that can be summed up by one word: progress.


What is progress?
Progress isn't just making something new.
Progress is making something better.
Progress can make complicated things simple.
Or it can make simple things incredible.
But it always makes things better.
Progress, real progress, doesn't come from just finding answers.
It comes from finding new questions.
It doesn't come from meeting people's expectations.
It comes from anticipating the expectations they might have in the future.
It doesn't catch up.
Progress leads.
For us, progress is not just our philosophy, purpose, or goal.
It is the benchmark, against which we judge everything we do.
It is why we exist.
We passionately strive to deliver genuine advances in electric mobility.
Advances enshrined in every Maeving.
Motorcycles with a removable battery that can charge anywhere, winning the war of convenience.
Motorcycles priced for everyone to enjoy, winning the war of accessibility.
Motorcycles employing elegantly strong British engineering to deliver zero emissions and maximum joy, winning the war of desire.
Electric motorcycles so fiercely cool, you'd want one, even if petrol cost nothing.
So what is progress?
Progress is Maeving.

Charge on.