A British electric motorcycle with a removable battery that you can charge from any plug socket.

An image of the right-hand side of the Maeving RM1 electric motorcycle in blue colour on a plain white backgroundAn image of the right-hand side of the Maeving RM1 electric motorcycle in blue colour on a plain white background
Maeving RM1

Built in Britain. Designed for the planet.


As seen on

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The Apprentice, BBC One

"If Bang & Olufsen made motorcycles, they might look a bit like this."

"The coolest bike in the world."


"There's nothing like the RM1 on the market today... It is simply the best product of its type you can buy today.”

"Riding the Maeving was utterly liberating"


"As well as looking stylish, the Maeving is superbly built with well thought-out features."

"Its quality and value adds up to being the all-round best electric two-wheeled ‘motorcycle’ experience we’ve had so far"

"I thought the RM1 was terrific fun, charming to ride and look at, well made and [an] entirely desirable piece of kit. I think they might be onto something."

"We were constantly turning heads and explaining what we were riding - passers-by, taxi drivers, even the police at Downing Street. Everyone was in awe, simply put."

An image of the Maeving RM1 electric motorcycle taken from the front right three quarter angle, in a brick warehouse setting

A machine that balances primitive appeal with tomorrow’s technology.

Women motorcyclist standing next to the Maeving RM1
Simple works.

Light. Clean. Affordable.

No gears. No petrol. No smell. No noise.

Easy to ride. Easy to own.


The freedom to go where you want, when you want.

To fly through the city with nothing to think about except what's directly in front of you.

Perfect for Urban Travel

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Removable Battery

An icon of an oil can

Low maintenance

An icon highlighting a simple route

80 Mile range

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98kg Kerb weight

An image of a speedometer

45mph Top Speed

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Anti-theft Tracker

An image of Maeving blueprintsAn image of Maeving blueprints

Our DNA.

Progress is our Religion.
Work is our Play.
Inclusive is our Culture.
Electric is our Energy.
Green is our Journey.
Simple is our Guide.
Function is our Form.
Elegant is our Design.
Clean is our Footprint.
Joy is our Ride.

Maeving. Charge on.
An image showing the Maeving RM1 electric motorbike being unloaded from a van
Being direct

Buy your bike from the makers.

We'll deliver it to your door.

We'll service it at the door.

Simple. Straightforward.

Product stats

Double Battery

Single Battery


miles max. range




year warranty on the battery


plug sockets in UK


hour charge time/ battery


gearbox – no gears or clutch


miles max. range




year warranty on the battery


plug sockets in UK


hour charge time/ battery


gearbox – no gears or clutch
Open for Specs


Single Battery

Maximum Range - 40 miles

WMTC* Range - 29 miles


Maximum Range - 80 miles

WMTC* Range - 63 miles

*WMTC range figures are calculated as part of an official mixed variety of testing scenarios, including representative city use (for which the RM1 has been designed), and extended periods at higher speeds, as certified by the homologation authority.



Bosch Hub Motor

Continuous Rated Power

3.0 kW (4 hp)

Maximum power

4.4 kW (5.9 hp)

Max. torque

160 Nm

Maximum speed

70 km/h (44 mph)


Traction battery

Dual Battery Pack Design (2nd battery optional)
LG MJ1 cells in bespoke Aluminium sealed casing

Battery voltage (nominal)

50.4 V

Charging capacity

42 Ah


2026 Wh



Charging time

Approx. 4h:10min for 0-100% and approx. 2h:55min for 0-80%

Charger Input

240 VAC (UK version)

Auxiliary Battery

12 V / 7 Ah


DC/DC converter intergrated into battery control unit



CrMo Steel cradle frame

Front suspension/suspension elements

Dia 37 non-adjustable forks, 110mm travel

Rear-wheel guide/suspension elements

Twin RSU with pre-load adjustment, 80 mm travel


1395 mm


103 mm

Rake Angle



Spoked wheels with Aluminium rims

Rim, front

2.15 x 19"

Rim, rear

2.15 x 19"

Tyre, front

Dunlop K70 3.25 x 19 54P

Tyre, rear

Dunlop K70 3.25 x 19 54P

Brake, front

Single disc brake 240mm (3 piston floating caliper)

Brake, rear

Single disc brake 180mm (single piston floating caliper)

Linked Brakes

Bias 40% front, 60% rear


Seat height at vehicle kerb weight

785 mm

Length (includes number plate fitted)

2145 mm

Height (excludes mirrors)

1067 mm

Width (over mirrors)

896 mm

Unladen weight, road ready (single battery)

111 kg

Permitted total weight

230 kg


119 kg


Tyre Pressure Front

2.2 Bar (32 psi)

Tyre Pressure Rear

2.2 Bar (32 psi)


Front Wheel Axle Nuts - 65 Nm
Rear Wheel Axle Nuts - 100 Nm
Securing bolts - front brake caliper to fork leg - 25Nm
Securing bolts - rear brake caliper to swingarm - 18 Nm
Rear Mudguard stay fixings to swingarm - 10 Nm
Rear Mudguard to stay fixings - 8 Nm
Rear Mudguard to swingarm (front fixing) - 10 Nm