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Why Two Wheels

Why Two Wheels

Two-wheeled modes of transport are fast becoming the obvious choice for those living in urban centres. The movement towards cleaner, greener cities has given rise to an exponential increase in their popularity, with push bikes, e-bicycles, e-scooters, and motorcycles beginning to dominate city streets. Yet these options come with limitations – limitations that we knew we could solve. We started Maeving because we believe electric motorcycles are the fastest, cleanest and most enjoyable way to get around town. We are on a mission to spread the joy of two wheels to as many people as possible. 


The average worker in the UK spends 125 hours a year commuting, a time sacrifice that is not paid for, and often not even acknowledged. Long commutes have been shown to have a directly proportional negative impact on a person’s satisfaction with work and life. 
Waiting for stand-still traffic, already jam-packed trains, delayed public transport, or taxis during peak hours: they can all be a thing of the past. As with bicycles and scooters, riding a Maeving enables you to skip to the head of the queues, but with their greater capacity for speed, you’ll easily outstrip other vehicles. Our motorcycles are also more substantial and noticeable to other road users, making them a safer option. We build extremely light and manoeuvrable motorcycles, and the intuitive twist-and-go throttle allows you to have maximum control as you weave through traffic. 
Don’t let your life be dictated by the restrictions of cars, taxis, and public transport; regain control of your time. 


Make moving through the place you call home something that brings you joy. There’s a reason why, like so many people, we are passionate about motorcycling – it’s enormous fun. There really is nothing like zipping through the streets on a machine that responds to every subtle command. Riding a Maeving is so simple that it can’t be anything but fun. Experience the pleasure of being the master of a feat of exceptional engineering. 
Being above ground and out in the open air, you become a part of the city itself. You’re immersed in its views, its people, its quirks, its changes. You have the freedom to decide where you go and when. This allows you to be spontaneous and endlessly curious. Discovering hidden gems down small side streets, and new routes you never knew existed, you can revel in the variety that a place has to offer. Our electric motorcycles enable you to do this with zero emissions. 


Reimagine what urban travel means to you. Travelling on two wheels requires focus, encouraging you to be fully present in your surroundings, responding to them moment by moment. 
On public transport, your attention is occupied by your phone or other passengers. In a car, you’re pulled towards fiddling with the heating, the sound system, or trying to get ahead in the traffic. Because Maeving electric motorcycles feature removable batteries that can be charged anywhere, you can forget about range anxiety and searching for charging stations. Whether you're an experienced rider or totally new to motorcycling, we design our bikes for everyone. The Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is quick and easy to secure and the bike has no gears: simply twist the throttle and go. Additionally, a no combustion engine means no intrusive noise. 
By eliminating all of these distractions, riding a Maeving provides you with the space and tranquility to travel with mindful awareness. You have time to yourself. 


We believe electric motorcycles should be additive to the world of motorcycling, not a challenge to it. With this vision front of mind, we build our motorcycles to generate a fantastic user experience, whilst retaining all of the classic design cues that make motorcycles so appealing. This currently unmatched marriage of cutting-edge technology and traditional automotive design techniques sets our collection apart from our peers and makes them particularly desirable. 
Favouring elegant, clean styling and quality of finish, we make motorcycles that are as beautiful as they are functional. We have refined every detail: from the circular LED headlight to the analogue speedometer, from the bar-end mirrors to the clutter-free handlebars, from the pleasing lines of the frame to the carefully proportioned body. Even the batteries are a sight to behold, with their brushed aluminium casing and smoothly integrated carry-handles. 


With a Maeving, zero emissions travel doesn’t mean compromising on comfort or ease. In striving to fulfil this mandate, Maeving has achieved a number of “firsts” in the motorcycle industry. 
We have developed a Dual Battery Control Module that allows the Maeving RM1 to engage either a single battery, or two batteries running in parallel. The rider has the benefit of choice, either travelling on a single battery, giving them up to 40 miles of range, or using two batteries to double the range to up to 80 miles. 

On the Maeving RM1S, we resigned our side battery compartment, allowing two to stack onto each other horizontally. This frees up the tank as 10L of built-in storage as standard. These two 2.7kWh batteries, working in conjunction with a 7kW Maeving hub motor, deliver more than twice the power of the RM1 and a top speed of 65mph, allowing road users who require a stretch of dual-carriageway or motorway on their commute the opportunity to ride a stylish, emissions-free motorcycle. 

We have also developed the first drop-in connector, which connects the batteries automatically when inserted into our motorcycles. No hassle from connection cables or fiddly attachments. On the Maeving RM1S, we have also opened up charging flexibility, by offering riders the opportunity to plug in directly from the mains. 
One of the key advantages of riding a motorcycle is being able to weave through traffic. Our design optimises for effortless overtaking and skipping to the head of the queue. The simple twist-and-go throttle gives gentle torque off the starting block, allowing for maximum control when moving amongst other vehicles on the road. 


We set out to create a transport alternative that would improve the lives of urban commuters, while remaining committed to being part of the solution to the greatest challenge of our lifetime: the climate crisis. 
With growth and expansion comes heavier demands on a city’s infrastructure, one of the results of which is traffic congestion. This plight of the modern world increases carbon emissions, air pollution levels, commuting times, road accidents, noise pollution, and emergency response times. In this way, congestion severely compromises the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals and communities, as well as the health of the natural environment of which we are a part. 
Two-wheeled transport is a far more efficient use of the space and resources available for urban travel. When more road users choose this option, cities and their citizens become healthier. 
If we are to re-define city travel, and set electric motorcycling at its heart, our vehicles need to harmonise with their urban environment, not be at odds with it. We built our electric motorcycles from the ground up to be beautiful, practical and sustainable. We intend for them to help cities evolve into the beautiful, practical and sustainable spaces that they can and should be. 


Petrol price hikes, the expansion of low-emission and pedestrian-only zones, numerous additional charges, and increasingly limited parking make owning and using a car more trouble than it’s worth. Unlike cars, motorcycles are exempt from the congestion charge and almost all parking is free. Because the Maeving motorcycle is electric, it’s also exempt from road tax and the ULEZ charge. 
To charge our custom Maeving battery from zero to hero takes under four hours, and it costs just 73p - even at current energy prices. On a full charge, you can travel up to 40 miles. The Maeving RM1 can accommodate two batteries, giving you a total of up to 80 miles. Covering the UK’s average commute distance of 11.4 miles per day, will set you back a mere £4.20 per month in battery charging costs. This makes our bike one of the most economical transport options out there, substantially cheaper than travelling by car or public transport.