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Why Removable Batteries?

Maeving pioneered removable batteries in the UK. What makes this technology such a game-changer?

Why Removable Batteries?

The entire design of the Maeving RM1 and RM1S revolves around the concept of removable batteries. EV adoption continues to rise with each passing year, and this is fantastic for reducing air pollution. However, there remains an issue with charging infrastructure. There are about 60,000 charging points in the UK at the time of writing. Seeing rows of zeros may suggest there’s a lot of infrastructure in place, but when you consider that there is a total of over 1,000,000 electric vehicles on the road in the UK (as of March, 2024), that number starts to look a lot smaller.    

It’s clear that the UK is lagging behind when it comes to charging infrastructure, but within urban spaces, we believe removable batteries have the potential to radically transform the charging problem. Here are 3 reasons why removable batteries are a gamechanger:  


We are aware of the existing shortage of charging infrastructure in the UK. However, planning trips to stations becomes an added nuisance, especially considering that the points are often faulty. Additionally, you may find yourself at the mercy of waiting for a minimum of 20 minutes at the charging point to gain enough charge, often enduring even longer waits. A Maeving battery charges from any standard socket, just like your smartphone. This means you never need to worry about planning where to charge, because you can literally ‘refuel’ wherever there is power, and you don't have to think about what to do while you charge, because you have the freedom to choose where your next charge is coming from.    

Pulled up at work and need to charge? Plug in by your desk and get stuck into your working day. Returned home after a day on the road? Plug in and start cooking dinner, curl up on the sofa, or tuck yourself into bed. Jumping between meetings in the city and need a top-up? Pull up outside your favourite café, take the charger in with you, order a cappuccino, plug in, and charge while catching up on emails. Charge anywhere with Maeving. 


The ability to charge wherever there is power is extremely practical for those who live in high-rise apartments, basement flats, or restricted rented accommodation. EV car owners without access to a driveway rely on public charging stations to keep their batteries full. As discussed, there is a shortage of public charging stations, meaning those who are entirely reliant on them to recharge may face a queue when they arrive.   

With an ergonomic handle that supports portability, Maeving riders without access to kerbside power supplies only need to bring the battery inside, use the elevator (or take the stairs if you're looking for a free gym membership), and plug it into the mains at home. The batteries used in the Maeving RM1 weigh 12kg each, and 16kg each in the RM1S. This not only makes them light enough to carry around and improve those bicep curls but also ensures that the overall weight of the motorcycles is kept down. This makes a Maeving motorcycle a very approachable bike for first-time riders and city dwellers, as it is lightweight and easy to handle. 


To charge a custom Maeving battery from zero to hero costs 73p. Where’s the catch? Well, there just isn’t one. On a full charge, a single battery will allow you to travel up to 40 miles. The Maeving RM1 and RM1S can accommodate two batteries, giving you a total of up to 80 miles. To put that into context, this means that covering the UK's average commute distance of 6.7 miles per day will set you back a mere £8.67 per month in battery charging costs. This makes a Maeving one of the most economical transport options out there, substantially cheaper than traveling by car or public transport.

Removable batteries also simplify maintenance tasks. If a battery requires servicing or replacement, it can be easily removed and addressed without the need for specialised tools or extensive technical expertise. There's no complicated wiring, just a simple drop-in system that makes maintenance simple.


So, there we are—three irrefutable reasons why Maeving champions electric motorcycles. We bet that once you own one of our motorcycles, you'll continue to be amazed at just how convenient they are. Oh, and you'll probably end up with hunky biceps and a newfound appreciation for brushed aluminum battery casings (they are rather beautiful for something that's usually an eyesore, wouldn't you say?).