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Maeving x Private White V.C. - The Envoy Poncho

A poncho unlike any other. Maeving and Private White have created the perfect all-weather motorcycling outer-layer.

Maeving x Private White V.C. - The Envoy Poncho

Every journey is made better with a trusty travel companion. When the rain falls or the cold beckons, riding on two-wheels can lose its appeal. But we believe there is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. So, Maeving and Private White V.C. designed the Envoy Poncho to give you the freedom to ride on your schedule, not the weather's.  


We think our values are pretty clear. Our motorcycles are thoughtfully designed and look so appealing that you fall in love with them before you even realise you’re helping the planet in the process. We started all of this in the motorbiking capital of the UK, Coventry, and, about a hundred miles up the road, in the place that was once nicknamed Cottonopolis—Manchester—Private White V.C. takes a similar approach to the clothes they design and produce.

Our Co-Founder, Seb Inglis-Jones, explains how this collab came about: “P.W.V.C was already on our radar as a great British clothing brand, but it was one of our customers who suggested we ought to collaborate with them given our similar ethos; a focus on local talent and British manufacturing, and the union of classic and contemporary design.”

Private White V.C. outsources nothing. They manufacture everything in-house, using local materials and locally hired craftspeople who learn and hone their skills with the company for, in some cases, decades. They even offer a lifetime repair service on all of their handcrafted items. We couldn’t think of anyone better to collaborate with on the Envoy Poncho — your ticket to all-weather riding in style and comfort.


PWVC Garment Production


The Envoy Poncho solves an important problem. As Seb explains, “motorcyclists in the northern hemisphere often refer to the riding ‘season’, but the old adage ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing’ is true, especially in the case of urban riding. With the Envoy Poncho, you can go from feeling the first droplet of rain to being fully protected in the time it would take you to pull over and remove your helmet. It is the perfect ‘just in case’ companion.”

Both Maeving and Private White V.C. are dedicated to gathering the best of the past—the style, the pride in production, the longevity, the functionality—and bringing that into the future with enough little twists to make our products fresh and contemporary without losing any of that traditionality that makes the classics, well, classic. We’re both keen advocates of true British style and we’re both only interested in creating products that last.


The Envoy Poncho is a brilliant representation of both companies. It’s functional and practical, allowing riders to enjoy their motorcycles in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The long fabric splits at the front, allowing for flexibility, comfort, and ease of use. The natural propulsion of the bike secures the fabric to the rider's legs as they navigate through the city. The back is short, meaning it won't get stuck under you and there is no risk of getting trapped in the rear tyre. Functionality is just one string to the Envoy’s glorious bow, though. You can rest assured that the craftsmanship is unrivalled. Maeving and Private White V.C. both take this kind of thing very seriously, and the Envoy is something we’re very proud of. It’s not going to let you down - come rain, come shine, come snow, come hail, come what may. 

Make your ride even more pleasurable. Grab yourself an Envoy Poncho, and embrace true British style, the highest quality craftsmanship, and grace the roads in any weather the skies can throw at you.