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Rider Stories: Storm Stewart

Actor, gamer, model, animator, and, of course, avid motorcyclist Storm Stewart talks us through her two-wheeled journey.

Rider Stories: Storm Stewart

As a Renaissance woman, it’s hard to precisely define Storm Stewart. The East London native is a model, gamer, content creator, and animator. With a schedule as packed as hers, it's no wonder that Storm prefers a mode of transportation that saves time and adds hours back into her day.

We sat down with Storm for a chat about her journey with motorcycling and her experiences riding a Maeving.

When and how did you first become interested in motorcycles?

I’ve always thought motorbikes were pretty cool, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I started taking the hobby seriously and geeking out a bit more about them. My dad got a bike and I wanted to ride around with him, so I became seriously invested in getting my licence.

How did you find learning to ride a motorbike?

I didn’t find it too difficult, especially given my parents’ history with bikes, but I was really stubborn about it. I had gotten my CBT many years ago and let it run out because I was too afraid to ride by myself. Now, because of the community around me, I didn’t have to go it alone and tried to get the whole process over in about four months. So yeah, I definitely had tunnel vision getting it done.

What misconceptions did you find – if any – within the riding community?

I think the biggest misconception is that the hobby itself is elitist. It’s really not the case.

My experience has been great and I’m happy to say my misconceptions remain unfounded. If you see another rider, it’s like finding a kid with the same interests as you and you both really want to geek out about it. I think that elitism of riding may have existed, but it’s really changing these days.

One other misconception I’ve found is that riding a motorbike is limited to a certain gender or race. Unless you feel it, you’re not always seeing yourself as part of a community. But between my dad and myself, I’m hoping to open others’ perceptions of the hobby and show that anyone can ride and find their community.

What would be your best tips for getting started with motorcycling? 

Do your research and find a good school. The right school and instructors will really ease you into riding and make sure you’re safe and comfortable on the road. Don’t feel like you have to know everything about it before you start. I’m constantly learning and asking questions, but that’s part of the fun of it for me.

Another thing to keep in mind is to learn at your pace and not always listen to someone more experienced than you. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but you don’t want to pick up bad habits from others. I think a proper school and instructor are the way to go.

Now, onto Maeving, what first attracted you to the bikes?

I first saw Maeving at the SMMT (a motoring event) and everything about what you guys are doing caught my eye: an electric motorcycle that looks cool and is easy to ride - what’s not to love?

Was it difficult to make the transition from traditional petrol bikes to Maeving?

While I love the skills and knowledge needed to operate a traditional bike, there’s a nice peace of mind that comes with how simple, easy to ride, and comfortable a Maeving is. 

And, it’s quiet! You can hear the city, you can hear traffic, and you can hear people in the streets. It’s certainly a unique riding experience, but it's one that I love.

How has riding changed the way you commute or get around in London?

Living in London on two wheels completely changes the geography of the city for me. The city suddenly shrinks, making it easy to get past people and traffic, while letting me see more of the city around me. We’re lucky to have the Tube, but nothing beats cutting through rush hour traffic and getting home relaxed, rather than frustrated from a long commute.

What would you say to a friend who is looking to get an electric motorbike?

I’d say give it a go! It might surprise you how much you like it – I know I was surprised myself! But anything “lacking” from a petrol bike is going to be gained in the convenience, ease of use, and cost savings versus other modes of transportation. And it’s a great conversation starter, too. With a bike as beautiful as the Maeving, you’re going to make friends easily because everyone wants to know more about it!

Quick-fire questions

Riding in the city or on the open road? 


Favourite memory on a motorcycle? 

Riding side by side with my Dad when I finally got my own bike.

Solo journey or ride out with friends? 


If you could ride anywhere, where are you going? 

I've always wanted to ride onto a ferry and cross the sea!

Pick a song that reminds you of Maeving. 

“Back on 74” by Jungle.

Favourite hangout spot in London?

Las Vegas Arcade, in Soho.

What are your travel essentials? 

All of my chargers, my Nintendo Switch, hand cream and lip balm.

Three words that sum up Maeving?
Fun, stylish, surprising.