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Maeving x Thomas Pink

Maeving x Thomas Pink

We're delighted to reveal the limited-edition Maeving x Thomas Pink electric motorcycle, created in partnership with artist Joel Clark. 

A permanent 'showroom' look

Artist, Joel Clark, designed the bespoke tank by hand-cutting individual strips of vinyl to create a motorcycle that unblurs the lines between how vehicles appear on the screen versus how they look on the street. Clark likes to call it "a permanent 'showroom' look."

You can discover more of Clark's work by clicking here.

Going Green Never Looked This Good

It was a joy to celebrate the launch of the limited-edition motorcycle at Thomas Pink's store on Jermyn Street. Excitement filled the room as the effervescent sound of pink sparkling wine and eager conversation harmonised in anticipation of a conversation between our co-founder, Seb Inglis-Jones, and host, Amy Miles, to discuss the collaboration and the future of urban travel.

"Thomas Pink were always the cut above in my mind - a quintessentially British shirt. It was really nice for Maeving to be considered a brand worthy of doing a collaboration with," Seb began, "and their commitment to buy once, buy well, makes them an obvious partner. Add a bit of Joel's artistry to the mix, and going green never looked this good."

When asked about EV adoption in the UK, Seb replied, "I think it'll thrive as the government has mandated all cars to be electric by 2030," he added, "the question is: what more could the government be doing to incentivise people switch to electric now?".

What are your thoughts?

Note: this motorcycle has sold out. Please keep a keen eye out for any future limited-edition models.