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Maeving on The Driven Chat Podcast

Established automotive journalist John Marcar puts the Maeving RM1 through its paces, and chats to Co-Founder Seb Inglis-Jones about what makes it so special.

Maeving on The Driven Chat Podcast
To kickstart 2024, we're delighted to share Maeving's recent feature on Driven. We gave established automotive journalist, John Marcar, a Maeving RM1 to ride around scenic Warwickshire villages and the Cotswolds.

Turning More Heads Than a Hypercar

Despite the less populous surroundings, the Maeving RM1 continued to turn heads as much as it does in cities, with Marcar explaining that he was "met with smiles, waves, and more questions than ever before whilst road-testing any vehicle - even £1.3 million worth of Danish hypercar."

Building Future Classics

Marcar rightly points out that design tends to divide opinions within the motorcycling community. This has been particularly true in recent years as electric models have entered the market, favouring a futuristic aesthetic to distinguish them from traditional Internal Combustion Engine motorcycles.
As a self-proclaimed classic car and motorbike enthusiast, Maeving Co-founder Seb Inglis-Jones explains how Maeving's design, which harnesses the best of the past to create something compelling for the future, was partly done to appeal to the motorcycling community. "The trend in electric vehicle manufacturing, making models overly futuristic, risks losing the heart and soul of the vehicle. We wanted to retain British heritage in design, make the bikes really pleasing to touch, and focus on quality parts."

Opening New Roads with the RM1S

Any conversation about Maeving in recent months inevitably involves the upcoming release of our second model, the Maeving RM1S. When asked about the inception of our new motorcycle, Seb credits the calls from the public. "The brief from our prospective customers was to make it as close as possible in looks to the RM1, but to increase the performance. So, the RM1S is double the power of the first model and the top speed has increased to 70mph."
Whilst Marcar loved his time on the Maeving RM1, he admits the RM1S is the solution to his regular Warwickshire commute which involves a stretch of the A46. With our second model appealing to those whose journeys extend beyond the urban landscape, we look forward to hearing more stories of how Maeving continues to turn heads across the UK.
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A big thank you to John and the Driven team for their time and warm sentiments.
Charge on.