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Maeving in 2023: A Year To Remember

A review of 2023, a transformative year for Maeving, including the long-awaited launch of the RM1S.

Maeving in 2023: A Year To Remember


As we approach the end of another year, now is the time to reflect on what has been a truly memorable year for all of us at Maeving. We've launched a new motorcycle and new accessories, showcased our bikes at many impressive showrooms and inspiring events, worked alongside some of our favourite brands to create elegant products, and sold our motorcycles in six countries. 

Let’s break down Maeving’s highlights in 2023. 


We’ve had the privilege of calling many fantastic places our home over the past twelve months. Our London showrooms have stirred city dwellers and sightseers alike. Starting the year in the West End, in Seven Dials, our showroom was located on a beautiful, cobbled street that drew in theatregoers and Londoners with its alluring large windows filled with Maeving RM1 display bikes. From there, we headed East across the capital, to Shoreditch, to a beautifully light showroom on Club Row. As an area with a thriving café culture, an appreciation of the past, and a dedication to bettering our future, Shoreditch was the perfect place for Maeving to call home during the summer months. 

We must give a special mention to our former headquarters in Herald Business Park, Coventry. We moved in during a distinctly snowy week in December 2020 and, since then, it has been our HQ and sole production space. We have built hundreds of motorcycles here, hosted countless test rides, created an incredible workspace with an even greater team, and forged the strongest of foundations we could have asked for. From here, we have made Maeving a leader in the UK’s electric motorcycle market, and our demand has soared. So, we are delighted to have moved down the road into a commanding and significantly larger new space on Sibree Road in Coventry. 


The new Maeving headquarters, located on Sibree Road in the Stonebridge Trading Estate, is an impressive workspace five times larger than our previous factory at Herald Business Park. Following the success of the Maeving RM1, RM1S, and recent expansions into Mainland Europe and the United States, our production demand has significantly increased. 

This new factory enables us to meet these demands and introduce additional production lines for new models. We moved into our new HQ at the start of December, and we can’t wait to welcome investors, customers, partners, and press at the start of the New Year. Commenting on the new factory, Maeving Co-founders Seb and Will said, “walking around the new unit fills us with a tremendous sense of pride; emblematic of quite how far we’ve come so far, and our ambitions for the future.” 


In April, we celebrated one year since the launch of our first model, the Maeving RM1. In that time, the UK’s first electric motorcycle soon became the best-selling and best-reviewed model on the market; the latest addition to a long lineage of revered British motorcycles, and something we are immensely proud of. 

The success of the Maeving RM1 is a testament to both the skill of our engineers and to our passionate customers for giving us such a warm reception and for taking that first step into the electric two-wheeled world. 


In June, we began taking orders for the Maeving RM1 in France, Germany, and Benelux. The European market is currently seeing an explosion in two-wheeler sales. In 2022, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain saw their combined electric motorcycle markets increase by over 100%, to nearly 40,000 units. 

Whether it be warmer climates, a higher adoption of two-wheeled transport, or an appreciation of innovative technology, these new territories offer fruitful potential for Maeving, as we pursue our goal of giving as many people as possible access to zero-emissions transport. We look forward to increasing our expansion in these markets in 2024. 



Every journey is made better with a trusty travel companion, and the Maeving Roll Top Pannier is the perfect sidekick for our electric motorcycles. As an ideal commuter bike, the typical Maeving rider will have travel essentials they need to keep safe as they move from A to B. We designed the Maeving Roll Top Pannier to provide our riders with 14 L of convenient, stylish and secure storage. A padded sleeve keeps your laptop protected, while the water-resistant canvas means you can use it all year. After you park up, the pannier easily detaches and seamlessly converts into a handy, portable shoulder bag. 

We released the Maeving Roll Top Pannier in late June, and the response has been superb. If you happen to own our pannier and you have placed a pre-order for the new Maeving RM1S, there’s no need to worry. The Maeving Roll Top Pannier is compatible with both of our motorcycles. 


This year, we have partnered with two iconic clothing brands whose values resonate with our own. 

Firstly, we collaborated with luxury shirtmakers, Thomas Pink, to design an eye-catching limited edition pink tank with artist Joel Clark. The artist designed the bespoke tank by hand-cutting individual strips of vinyl to create a motorcycle that unblurs the lines between how vehicles appear on the screen versus how they look on the street. Clark likes to call it "a permanent 'showroom' look." 

Next, it was a collaboration with Manchester’s finest garment makers, Private White V.C., to design the Envoy Poncho. Both Maeving and Private White V.C. are dedicated to gathering the best of the past—the style, the pride in production, the longevity, the functionality—and bringing that into the future with enough little twists to make our products fresh and contemporary without losing any of that traditionality that makes the classics, well, classic. We’re both keen advocates of true British style, and we’re both only interested in creating products that last. 


We attended five events in 2023, to showcase our electric motorcycles and to interact with automotive and EV enthusiasts. 

It all started on a glorious day in May at a Concours on the home of London tailoring: Savile Row. Parked in between a stunning 1938 Delahaye Type 145 V12 Coupé and a limited-edition Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, two of our Maeving RM1s constantly turned heads as London's smartest street filled with some of the most elegant vehicles (and people) in the world. 

Next, we steered our way southward to park our electric motorcycles on the Goodwood estate, exhibiting at the iconic Festival of Speed for the second year running. While the festival was interrupted by the tail end of a hurricane, forcing the organisers to cancel the Saturday, we still said hello to approximately 2,000 attendees and had a wonderful time showcasing the Maeving RM1. 

It’s always inspiring to attend the EV Summit at Oxford University. Following the success of the 2022 event, our display allowed business executives, thought leaders, and key players within the industry to chat with our team about EVs, charging infrastructure, battery technology, and - of course - all things Maeving. The EV Summit never fails to uncover new insights and induce efficacious actions. 

From Oxford to Milan, via the Alps, our team loaded the van with some rather special luggage for our first-ever EICMA: the new Maeving RM1S. "Having the platform to showcase Maeving, and, of course, our latest model, at such a prestigious event, meant that we were received with great intrigue and garnered the most trusted feedback in the world of motorcycling," says Christopher Poolton, who managed Maeving's stand in Milan. It was a week to remember, and we are excited to return to EICMA in 2024. 

If you think a week in Milan would be hard to follow, then you’ve clearly not spent a week at the NEC, Birmingham. We’re proud to have our home in the Midlands, and it was an honour as always to exhibit at Motorcycle Live. The UK’s biggest and best event for all things motorbikes continues to get bigger and better with each passing year, and this year was truly special for Maeving. Unveiling the Maeving RM1S to our UK audience was a gratifying experience for us all at Maeving. To absorb such enthusiasm from its future owners is what makes all the hard work worthwhile. 


This was perhaps the most momentous day in Maeving’s year. We are on a mission to spread the freedom and joy that comes with riding a motorcycle to as many people as possible. Launching our second model, the Maeving RM1S, with its highway-capable top speed of 70 mph, allowing riders to journey beyond the urban landscape, marks a significant milestone in our mission. 

To witness the first batch sell out within 4 hours was special, and we've continued to experience a consistent influx of orders since the launch date on September 1st. We look forward to starting deliveries in Spring 2024. 



Following the success of the Maeving RM1S launch, we were delighted to expand into the United States, starting in California. There are several reasons why California was at the top of our list of places to introduce Maeving in the US. Not only is the California sun perfect for riding, and the prospect enticing due to the high number of EV adopters, but Californians have also shown particular interest in our motorcycles. Therefore, we are responding, in part, to their call. 

The response since we launched on December 1st has been highly encouraging, and we look forward to delivering the first Maeving motorcycles in America in 2024 and continuing our road trip across the country. 

SEE YOU IN 2024... 

This has been a significant year for Maeving, and reflecting on how far we have come and what we have achieved in 2023 fills us with considerable pride and optimism. The New Year promises so much for us at Maeving. It is particularly exciting to bring the Maeving RM1S to life and we can’t wait to see our second motorcycle on the road in 2024. We look forward to settling ourselves in at our new homes in Coventry and sunny LA. But most of all, we can’t wait to continue building on the already strong relationships we have with Maeving owners and getting to know a new wave of passionate and progressive riders. 

See you on the road in 2024.