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Maeving at the Concours on Savile Row

Maeving at the Concours on Savile Row
Saville Row

Looking Suave on Savile Row

Parked inbetween a stunning 1938 Delahaye Type 145 V12 Coupé and a limited-edition Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, two of our Maeving RM1s constantly turned heads as London's smartest street filled with some of the most elegant vehicles (and people) in the world.

As the sun set over London's Savile Row on Thursday evening, our co-founder, Seb, took to the main stage to chat about Maeving and his love of motorcycling. "I worked out if I switched to a motorbike I'd have saved 26 days a year commuting," Seb explained, "it was all rubbish. I wanted a motorbike anyway and this was the justification I needed."



Familiar Faces and New Friends

It was lovely meeting so many of you for the first time at Savile Row, as well as bumping into some familiar faces. To hear so much enthusiasm about electric motorcycles and the future of urban travel was both exciting and illuminating.

When asked about the current state of EV infrastructure in the UK, Seb replied, "The government knows there is an infrastructure problem. There is a plan for there to be one charger for every 6,500 vehicles by 2030, which isn't hugely encouraging." He added, "I think electric is catching up but, in the meantime, owning something that avoids the charging infrastructure problem is a good way to go."

As is often the case, the effortless removal of the Maeving RM1's battery caught the eye of many passersby.  A lot of the attendees hadn't even realised the bike was electric until they heard the slick 'whir' of the tank opening to reveal the battery nestled neatly inside it's compartment. 

While commenting on the design inspiration of the Maeving RM1, Seb said, "we wanted to make something that was not necessarily a replica of what has come before, but something that is demonstrably British and brings the best out of the heritage of British motorcycle design." He added, "Specific aspects, like the exposed metalwork at the bottom and the "fuel tank", are familiar, visually, to the history of British motorbikes."

Maeving _Drakes Collaboration

A Special Thanks...

Finally, we want to give a special thanks to Drake's, who hosted us with such warmth and attention across the two days. Drake's produce beautiful shirts from their own factory in Somerset, as well as knitwear in Scotland and soft tailoring in Italy. 

Throughout the event, Drake's kept us refreshed with glasses of English sparkling wine and delicious canapés, both of which felt essential as the event drew to its close on Thursday evening.

Thanks for having us, Drake's, and thank you to all who stopped by to chat about the Maeving RM1. See you on the road.