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How does a Maeving compare to the Tube?

You'll save time and money on the road. Oh, and you'll actually enjoy commuting.

How does a Maeving compare to the Tube?
A standout moment from Maeving co-founder Seb Inglis-Jones' speech at London Tech Week was his comparison between a commute on London's Underground and the Maeving RM1.

Seb invited the audience to imagine living in Clapham and working in Farringdon, commuting daily during regular workdays for four years using a combination of the Northern Line and the Metropolitan Line from Clapham South, versus owning a Maeving RM1.

Here's how it compares:

1) Financial savings: You will save £940 by owning a Maeving RM1 (that's including £1,600 on insurance, £580 on doorstep servicing, and £237 on charging costs).

2) Time savings: You will save 40 days in commuting time, no longer at the mercy of delays, cancellations, strikes, and impenetrably busy carriages.

3) Joy of the journey: You will actually enjoy your commute, free from having your face unwillingly thrust into a stranger's armpit as the train lurches and halts at rush hour.

4) Environmental impact: At 39g of CO2 per mile, the Maeving RM1 emits less carbon per capita per mile than the London Underground (50g*), making it better for the planet.

When comparing the commuting experience, there is no competition between riding an electric motorcycle and catching the Tube.

While many of us may wish for better journeys, making the switch to two wheels can feel daunting. However, we have purposefully designed our electric bikes with the new rider in mind. Lightweight, easy to handle, and equipped with an intuitive twist-and-go throttle, getting started on a Maeving is easy.

Better yet, we have addressed the number one reason putting people off EV adoption - range anxiety - by championing removable batteries. This allows you to take the battery out of the bike and charge it from a standard 13-amp socket, just as you would with your phone or laptop. No more reliance on charging infrastructure, and time to occupy your mind with other activities while you 're-fuel'.

Many of us commute every day—it's time to add some fun to it.

For the best advice on getting started with Maeving, visit our New Riders page and sign up for our New Rider Programme.


*UK Government’s Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (2021b)