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Maeving Electric: Seb on the Everything EV Podcast

Maeving Co-Founder Seb Inglis-Jones chats to EV aficionado Charlie Atkinson about Maeving’s place in the EV market, and solving range anxiety.

Maeving Electric: Seb on the Everything EV Podcast

Hosted by electric vehicle aficionado Charlie Atkinson, the Everything EV podcast covers the latest news in electric mobility, hosts discussions with industry leaders, and showcases the latest innovations in the EV market. Maeving Co-founder Seb Inglis-Jones appeared on the most recent episode of Everything EV to talk about Maeving and our placement within the EV market.

How Do We Solve Range Anxiety? 

A frequent topic in discussions about electric vehicles is range anxiety, the fear of running out of charge mid-journey without access to a charging point. According to a recent study by the RAC, which surveyed 3,000 drivers of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles for their opinions on EVs, around 60% of participants mentioned they were deterred by the lack of available charging points.

When discussing the subject, Seb said, "Range anxiety is not so much about the distance a vehicle can travel; it's about the infrequency and inadequacy of charging infrastructure and the overall negative experience that comes with it."

It is evident that concerns about the range of an EV stem more from the lack of charging infrastructure than from the actual mileage capabilities of the vehicles.

Maeving champions removable battery technology, enabling riders to take the battery out of the motorcycle, carry it to a desired location, and charge it from any standard socket. This completely eradicates any concerns a commuter might have about figuring out where their next charge is coming from, as you can 're-fuel' wherever there is power—which, in urban spaces at least, is practically anywhere.

What Do You Do In The Time It Takes To Recharge?

Another problem associated with EV charging is the waiting time. Refuelling an ICE vehicle may only take a couple of minutes, whereas charging an EV can take a while.

With Maeving, because you can charge wherever there is power, you can occupy your mind with other tasks or activities as your battery replenishes. Whether it be watching television, stopping for coffee, working, or getting some rest, you have the freedom to make the most of your time while your battery recharges, not disrupt your day doing it.

Seb draws parallels between battery life and charging, comparing it to the recent evolution in mobile phone usage. "Mobile phones used to have a whole week's worth of battery life, and now you barely get through a day without needing to plug in," Seb explains. The reason people aren't furious about this, he suggests, is that "it's now commonplace to have a charger at work, at home, and even in your backpack."

It’s our charging practices that have changed, meaning we don't begrudge the capacity of the product.

Maeving not only transforms the waiting time associated with EV charging into a valuable and flexible opportunity but also aligns with the evolving charging practices we've embraced in our daily lives, making it a seamless and integrated aspect of our routine rather than an inconvenience.

Why Lightweight Electric Motorcycles Make Sense

Another topic Charlie and Seb discussed on the podcast was EV battery weight. Electric cars can use almost as many batteries as they like, as adding weight to a car doesn’t really present a practical issue. Space is also less of a premium in an electric car, so using multiple batteries adds power without creating a drivability issue.

That’s not true for electric motorbikes, as the density and weight of batteries mean that incorporating too many batteries would add a huge amount of weight, proportionally speaking, to the bike, rendering it unusable. For now, it makes sense to design low-capacity electric motorcycles and create them with practicality and style in mind.

Why Two Wheels?

Seb and Charlie also addressed the advantages of electric motorcycles’ reliability in comparison to cars and public transport in cities. As Seb explained, “I can get to just about anywhere in London in around twenty minutes, and I know it’s going to take that amount of time every time I do it. There’s not going to be a train strike, there’s not going to be traffic. You sail past lines and lines of cars and think, ‘why is anybody in one in a city?’".

How many times have you been late to work, or a meeting, or an appointment because you were hit with unexpected delays on the Tube, a rail strike, or heaving road traffic? Electric motorcycles offer a means of eradicating unexpected lateness from your life, giving you a sense of control, calm, and satisfaction.

Listen to the Podcast

If you would like to hear more from Seb and discussions on Maeving in the electric vehicle market, you can listen to the full episode of Everything EV by clicking here.

It’s only 25 minutes long and well worth your time.