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5 Reasons to Ride Electric

Why should you trade in your ICE for an electric motorcycle? Discover five reasons to make the switch.

5 Reasons to Ride Electric

Riding an electric motorcycle can feel like an investment but in the long run, it'll save you a lot of money, free up lots of time, reconnect you with your city, reduce your carbon footprint and add so much joy to your life. 

So, you’re considering an electric motorcycle. Maybe you’re on the fence, maybe you’re almost ready to take the plunge but you just want to make doubly sure before you jump, or maybe you’re only here because you’re curious as to why anybody would want to ride such a contraption. However far along you are on your road to going electric, we’re here to assure you that you’re making the right decision. In fact, you’re making an extraordinarily correct decision. Read on for five irrefutable reasons why riding electric makes you the smartest person in your friendship group.

1. You are saving a lot of money

To fully charge a Maeving battery will cost you 73p (SEVENTY-THREE PENCE). That adds up very quickly. Once you own a Maeving, your running costs become negligible compared to most other modes of transportation. Better yet, you’ll never need to buy oil, there’s no chain to fix or replace, and no mess to clean up. Maeving’s bikes use a hub motor with one singular moving part — the most economical servicing you’ll ever experience.

2. Charge Anywhere

Those batteries that you’re charging for literal pennies — they’re removable. There are no wires to get tangled and you don’t need a Master’s Degree in engineering to operate it — you simply click it out, plug it into a UK three-pronged socket (the standard ones you see in every single home and building in the UK) and charge it just like you would your mobile phone. This means you don’t need to worry about range anxiety. If you’re running low, simply plug into the nearest socket, have a cup of coffee, and on you go. Live on the seventeenth floor of a high-rise? Simply remove the battery, take it with you in the lift plug it in to charge in your flat. This is actually unique to Maeving, not all electric motorcycles, and it’s a HUGE advantage. So if any of our competitors have copied and pasted this article without our permission — genuinely, thank you so much.

3. Easy to Ride

Maeving electric motorbikes have no gears or clutch — just a simple twist-and-go throttle for maximum simplicity. Experienced riders will adore the smooth torque this provides when moving off and accelerating, whilst novice riders really benefit from the sheer simplicity of the design; no unnecessary complicated controls, just pure, beautiful functionality.

4. Perfect for Urban Travel

A Maeving, and most electric motorcycles, are designed for urban use, not vast, sprawling journeys across the country. Living in a bustling city can feel a little impersonal. When hopping from public transport to public transport, it’s easy to lose that sense of place or to fail to notice your surroundings. You might live somewhere for years and never notice the lovely little coffee place down the road, or the birdsong smothered under the cacophony of the city. Maevings offer a near-silent riding experience, allowing you to reconnect with your surroundings, discover the city or town that’s been hiding from you in plain sight, and help to reduce noise in urban areas.

According to the Mayor of London, road transport accounts for around half of the capital’s air pollution (see the report here). Going electric is a huge step toward better health and long-term prospects for citizens and their city. Also, according to INRIX’s global traffic scorecard, London occupies the undesirable top spot in the list of places where drivers spend the most time in traffic. Electric cars are great, but they don’t solve that problem. An electric motorbike, however, allows you to dodge traffic and never arrive late.

Maeving motorcycles are designed to address this problem, and have been optimised to solve it. We could make bigger, faster, more powerful bikes, but we much prefer to solve the issues inherent in urban transportation without compromising on style or build quality.

5. Zero-Emission Travel

Our electric bikes release zero emissions. How? They literally don’t have a tailpipe. Zero greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere from a Maeving. Now, obviously, the electricity you use to charge your battery may generate unwanted emissions, but that all depends on how you source your electricity. If your electricity comes from renewable sources, you’re living a sustainable dream. Even if you live in a country or city that doesn’t have the cleanest electricity sources (for this varies from place to place), you’re still doing the planet a favour by riding electric. If you sign up for renewable-only tariffs (such as Switchd), you can ensure that the energy you use comes from renewable sources, making a Maeving (and many aspects of your life) completely sustainable. According to Evoke Motorcycles, the carbon footprint of an electric motorbike in an average city is much lower than that of its combustion engine counterpart, “accounting for only 7% of the average emission of a combustion engine. For electric motorcycles in cities with renewable sources of energy, it’s not far-fetched to say that an electric motorcycle produces almost zero carbon footprint.”


We said we were going to give you five reasons to ride electric. We may have squeezed a few extra reasons in there, but five is a nice clean number, isn’t it? For us, riding electric is a no-brainer. You’ve read this far, though, so we reckon you’re not lacking for brains, and we’ll see you out there on the gloriously noiseless, easily navigable urban road.