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When you get behind the bars of a Maeving, you embark on a unique journey—one where the silence of the ride speaks volumes about the world around you, reconnecting you with the place you call home.

"If Bang & Olufsen made motorcycles, they might look a bit like this."

"This unequivocally British electric bike is deliciously good-looking. The Maeving RM1 is part of a mission to design and engineer desirable bikes that are better for
the world."

"As well as looking stylish, the Maeving is superbly built with well thought-out features."

"We were constantly turning heads and explaining what we were riding - passers-by, taxi drivers, even the police at Downing Street. Everyone was in awe, simply put."

"The coolest bike in the world."

"I thought the RM1 was terrific fun, charming to ride and look at, well made and [an] entirely desirable piece of kit. I think they might be onto something."

"I can honestly say that I have never driven any car or ridden any other motorcycle that has caused such a strong reaction from other drivers and pedestrians alike."

"There's nothing like the RM1 on the market today... It is simply the best product of its type you can buy today.”

"Motorcycling's Tesla? It could well be."


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Our story

We are redefining the future of urban travel

Our story

We are redefining the future of urban travel