Hot Tips for Cold Weather

We’ve selected some key recommendations for maintaining good battery health and performance in colder weather, as well as some general reminders about looking after your RM1.

  • Try to take your battery indoors overnight if it’s going to be 5℃ or below. Exposing lithium-ion batteries to extreme cold can reduce their range. In general, storing a battery at room temperature will optimise its range when next in use, and is best practice for the overall state of health (SoH) of the battery. This applies to all electric vehicles with lithium-ion batteries, so the simple removable battery system of the RM1, with indoor charging, makes maximising your range and caring for your battery effortless.

  • Regularly running a lithium-ion battery completely flat, or leaving it flat for extended periods, will affect the battery’s SoH. To prevent this, avoid riding on a very low charge and frequently recharge the batteries.

  • Check your tyre pressure every 2 to 3 weeks to make sure you keep it at 32psi (2.2 bar or 220 kPa). You can do this at your local service station, or you can do it yourself with a pressure gauge.

  • Riding in wet weather means more mud and grit on your bike, so remember to clean it regularly. Roads are also often gritted in winter. The salt used in this process can be corrosive, so we recommend washing your RM1 after riding on salted roads.

  • If you’re storing your bike outside, make sure you use a cover to shield it from the elements. The Oxford Aquatex cover protects against rain and dust and is available for purchase on our website. As with all motorcycles, keeping your bike covered when not in use is beneficial, both indoors and outdoors.




Whether off on holiday or giving riding a break during the cold period, following the guidelines below will help to keep your RM1 in good shape if you’re not using it for a month or longer:

  • Keep the main batteries stored indoors. As mentioned above, best practice is to store these at room temperature. 

  • To prolong the lifespan of the main batteries, keep them between 60% and 80% charge (3-5 lights on your battery charge indicator) when in storage. Lithium-ion batteries drain very slowly over time if not in use, so check the state of charge at least once a month. When it drops below 60%, simply charge for an hour.

  • Consider purchasing an OptiMate Battery Charger. This hooks up directly from a regular plug socket to a lead on your motorcycle, and keeps the built-in 12V auxiliary battery charged.
For more comprehensive advice on maintaining the health and performance of your bike and battery, please visit the Help Centre on our website.