Privacy policy

We are Maeving. The privacy of every customer, or potential customer, is important to us. To better serve our customers, we sometimes need to handle Personal Data, we explain which data we use and how we save, protect and process these data. This Privacy Policy applies to the use of:

  1. Our website (the "Website"),

  2. The services that we offer (the "Services"), for example, the selling of electric motorcycles, batteries, accessories, Maeving: Track & Secure App services, Prepurchased Service Agreements etc

  3. Maeving: Track & Secure App (the "App"),

  4. Website, Services and App together are referred to as our “Platform”.

  5. We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (the "Relevant Legislation")

  6. This policy is effective from November 1, 2021.

    Personal Data

    To offer our Website, Services and App we process Personal Data and Non Personal Data. "Personal Data" means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person as defined in the Relevant Legislation. “Non- Personal Data” is information that is anonymous, aggregate, de-identified, or otherwise does not reveal your identity. 

    Lawful Basis

    We can collect and process your data at various moments, for example when you visit our Website, create an account via our Website for example for making a purchase, use our Services, install and use our App, or when you contact us. The lawful basis for our processing can be: 

    1. The necessity to carry out the agreement between you and us,

    2. Compliance with legal obligations

    3. Your consent

    4. Our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of a third party

    5. A legal requirement to share Personal Data  

    Agreement With You

    We process your personal data on the basis of a legal binding contract with you. This will typically be when you buy at Maeving. Processing your personal data such as email address is necessary for us to handle requests before a contract is entered into.

    1. Your consent. Maeving might process your personal data based on consent. We ask for your consent to e.g. send you marketing emails according to marketing legislation. You will always be able to opt out, after you have given your consent.

    2. Legitimate interest. Maeving has a legitimate interest when we process your data for marketing, security, support and improvement purposes, or when you act as customer contact/lead for our existing and potential customers, hereunder in customer support. Your personal data is processed from a business perspective in a manner that we believe does not conflict with your privacy rights or freedoms.

    3. Further, we process data based on legitimate interest if you are signing up for a newsletter, downloading content from our web pages, and using our communities. The legitimate interest is to provide you with correct content, hold newsletters, do marketing and administrate your requests.

    What data do we collect and process and how do we use your data?

    When you place an order, we need the following contact data. We need these data for your interactions with Maeving via digital/electronic tools such as e-mail or telephone; for example to process your order efficiently and correctly, to link you with our customer service platform, to connect you to your motorcycle, for pre and post sale services, for the use of your account, to improve our services, for marketing purposes, and for any other business/commercial purposes:

    1. Your name

    2. Your address

    3. Your residence

    4. Your phone number

    5. Your email address

    6. Your IP address

    7. Your payment details

    8. Your shipping details

    9. Your billing address

    10. Your username and password

    11. Your order history

    12. Your VIN number

    We may also collect and process the following Non-Personal Data if you use our Platform:

    1. Your browser type
    2. Your operating system
    3. The ISP
    4. Website behaviour

    We will also collect and transfer to our partner for processing the following Personal and Non-Personal data if you use our Maeving: Track & Secure service via the App:

    1. Personal and identification data

    2. Data related to the specific motorcycle

    3. Fiscal data and bank account details

    4. Behavioural data related to the use of the electric motorcycle based on time and place parameters, as well as driving indicators for assessing the data subject's driving behaviour such as: speed, sudden changes in direction, data related to the detection of accelerations and decelerations of the electric motorcycle (e.g. crash / mini-crash)

    5. Data relating to the movements, the location and more generally the geo-referencing of your electric motorcycle (e.g. location, distances, timeframe of the routes, etc)

    We use these data to provide these service. Use of the Maeving: Track & Secure service via the App is dependent upon acceptance of these terms.


    The Maeving Journal is a fortnightly newsletter that you can subscribe to on the website. We use it to share news, discounts, announcements and special offers. The Maeving Journal uses a double opt-in system to be certain of your permission. This means that upon signing up, an email is sent to your email address asking you to verify your consent. Every time we send you a newsletter, or email marketing message, you will have the clear option to unsubscribe from marketing emails.


    1. We observe reasonable procedures to prevent unauthorised access to, and misuse of, Personal Data.

    2. We use appropriate business systems and procedures to protect and safeguard the Personal Data you give us. We also use security procedures and technical and physical restrictions for access and using the Personal Data on our servers. Only authorised personnel are permitted to access Personal Data in the course of their work.

    How long do we store your Personal Data?

    1. We will not retain your Personal Data longer than is legally allowed, and only as long as is necessary to enable you to use our Platform, including maintaining the online user account (if created), to comply with applicable laws, resolve disputes with any parties and otherwise as required to allows to conduct our business, including to detect and prevent fraud or other illegal activities. All Personal Data we retain will be subject to this Privacy Policy

    2. Maeving will only store your personal information as long as required to perform our contractual obligations. When processing your personal data on other legal bases, such as legitimate interest, data is stored as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose of processing

    3. Your personal data may therefore be subject to different retention policies based on the type of data and the purpose of collecting it. Here is an example:

      1. Contact information stored for marketing purposes, including leads or prospects. This Personal Data will be deleted no later than 36 months after the last registered activity.

      2. Contact information stored for job application purposes. This Personal Data will be deleted no longer than 48 months after the most recent submission.

    With whom might we share your Personal Data?

    1. Processors and other business partners. We may share your Personal Data with Processors, within the meaning of the Relevant Legislation. We may also share Personal Data with third parties who are not processors, as per contractual obligation, for example, other other Controllers who provide services connected to the use of our Platform. With these parties, we make clear agreements about the use and protection of Personal Data. We may share your Personal Data for example with IT service providers, marketing analytics, advertising platforms, customer service management platforms, payment platforms, cloud based data warehousing and consumer review platforms. They will, for example, store and visualise data, process transactions, show transaction and customer service history to agents assigned to work on them, and perform marketing activities. 

    2. Others, for legal reasons. We may also share data with Maeving affiliates, subsidiaries, and partners, for legal reasons or in connection with claims or disputes. We may also share Personal Data if we believe it is required by applicable law, regulation, operating license or agreement, legal process or governmental request, or where the disclosure is otherwise appropriate due to safety or similar concerns.

    3. Others, with your consent. We may ask for your voluntary participation in online or offline communication about Maeving, for marketing or informational purposes.


    1. The Personal Data that we collect from you is stored within the European Economic Area ("EEA"). Any such transfer of your Personal Data will be carried out in compliance with applicable laws.


      1. You may find advertising or other content on our Website that links to other websites. We do not control the content on these websites and are not responsible for the content or the privacy protection of these websites. We advise you to read the privacy policies of those websites.


        1. Maeving uses client-side browser storage like cookies. Cookies are text files that your device or browser stores when you visit our website. Maeving can also use techniques similar to cookies, such as tracking pixels, flash cookies, Javascript, tags and web beacons. We classify all these techniques under the term Cookies. Cookies are used to send data from a server to your device or browser for the purpose of being stored. On a subsequent visit, this data is sent back to the server. This way, the server can recognise your device or browser. In our case, Maeving sets cookies directly via server-side tagging. Third party cookies are in general not used.

        2. We use or intend to use the Facebook Pixel, with CAPI, Twitter Pixel, LinkedIn pixel, TikTok pixel, Google Ads Remarketing pixel and floodlights. These help us to measure the performance and conversions of our digital campaigns.

        3. We use Google Analytics and Hotjar for general website analytics

        4. We use Google Optimise to run A/B tests.

        5. Cookies can be essential for the operation of our Website. Make sure that you can visit our Website safely and track bugs and errors at our website. We use cookies to improve the user experience of the Website.

        6. By storing cookies, we make sure for example that:

          1. You items are kept in your shopping cart

          2. You are logged in and able to shop without hindrance

          3. You shop safely at Maeving

          4. the Website works efficiently

          5. We can test improvements

          6. We can advice you based on your former views and/or purchases

          7. You receive complete local information

        7. You can change your cookie settings in your browser if you don't want cookies to be sent to your device. Please note that some Website features of services of our Website may not function properly without cookies

        Your rights under GDPR

          1. You have the following rights:

            1. You may request access to the Personal Data we process about you

            2. You may request us to correct, update, shield or delete your Personal Data from our records

            3. You may request a copy of the Personal Data we have processed about you. We can - on your request - send this copy to another party, so you don't have to send the Personal Data yourself

            4. You may file a complaint against processing your Personal Data

            5. You may file a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) if you are under the impression that we process your data unlawfully

            6. You may always withdraw your consent to process your Personal Data for the purpose of which consent is necessary

            7. Should you have further questions about this Privacy Policy please contact us on the details below

          2. Update to this notice 
            1. We may occasionally update this notice. If we make significant changes, we will notify users in advance of the changes through the Platform or through other means, such as e-mail. We encourage users to periodically review this notice for the latest information on our privacy practices.

            2. After such notice, the use of our services by users in countries outside the European Union will be understood as consent to the updates to the extent permitted by law.

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