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The Maeving RM1S: Reviewed

The Maeving RM1S: Reviewed

We're delighted to share the first round of reviews for the Maeving RM1S. Esteemed journalists from some of the most respected automotive publications gathered to experience the Maeving RM1S through London's streets and test how it handles at higher speeds during a burst up the A12 dual carriageway.

Here's what they had to say:

Motorcycle News (MCN)

"Maeving's RM1S embodies all that's good about battery power," were the words from one of motorcycling's most reliable voices, Motorcycle News (MCN).

Michael Neeves was particularly impressed with the RM1S's drivetrain, rating it a perfect 5-star in his stellar review.



After featuring the RM1S in a list of the hottest electric motorcycles on the market, TechRadar now assesses our second model to be "the first truly convincing 125cc electric motorbike."

The rave review concludes with a flattering prediction that Maeving has the potential to be "motorcycling's Tesla."



Particularly impressed with the build quality of the RM1S, prominent motorcycle publication Visordown stated that "the build quality, fit and finish and overall feel of the bike are like nothing else in the electric sector."

Read on to find out how the Maeving RM1S coped at higher speeds on faster roads.



Driven's John Marcar had nothing but high praise when he reviewed the RM1 back in December last year.

Encouragingly, despite stating that the RM1 turned more heads than a £1.3m hypercar, Marcar believes that Maeving has "just got even better." 

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