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We've Launched in Germany

We've Launched in Germany

We’re delighted to announce that Maeving has made its mark in Germany, a country renowned for its love of vehicles and industrial design. With a commitment to sustainability and a passion for redefining urban travel, our expansion into Germany signifies a significant stride in our journey to revolutionise the motorcycle industry.

Visit our German website by clicking here.


Riders in Germany will have the opportunity to choose between our two models: the RM1 and RM1S. The RM1, our original electric motorcycle, is tailored for the urban commuter, boasting an 80-mile range and a top speed of 45 mph. Meanwhile, the RM1S, our latest offering, delivers impressive performance with more than double the power of the RM1 and an impressive top speed of 70 mph. Whichever model suits your lifestyle, Maeving ensures a joyous journey through Germany's bustling cities and picturesque countryside.


In a country where big displacement bikes reign supreme, Maeving emerges as the perfect companion for local runs and urban adventures. With twice as many motorcycles per 1,000 inhabitants compared to the UK, Germany presents a fertile ground for Maeving to thrive.

Our electric motorcycles offer not only a stylish alternative to city scooters but also a sustainable mode of transportation for daily commutes and weekend escapades. Embracing Maeving means embracing eco-consciousness without compromising on excitement or style, catering to the discerning tastes of German riders.


This marks the beginning of Maeving's journey across Germany. Join us as we traverse the vibrant streets of Berlin, the charming lanes of Munich, the bustling avenues of Hamburg, and the beautiful German countryside.