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Trade in the Tube, Ride a Maeving

Commuting is something many of us do every day, so if you want to add joy to your daily journeys, ride a Maeving and wave goodbye to rush hour.

Trade in the Tube, Ride a Maeving

Although the RMT called off the proposed strikes by London Underground workers, averting a potential halt to the capital’s Tube network, commuting on London’s rail network remains far from a pleasant experience.

Maeving offers a way to get around this. A way to not only navigate your daily commute effortlessly, but also cut the cost of your travel. A way to increase the proportion of your day that is filled with joy and minimise the time you spend squeezing yourself onto jam-packed trains.

Consider trading in the Tube and riding a Maeving. Here's why:


Did you know that even if you live in Zone 1 or Zone 2, right in the middle of the capital, your monthly travel card will cost £156.30? That cost increases incrementally the more zones you’re passing through, until you reach a Zone 1-9 travel card, which will set you back £407.50 per month. 

Conversely, you can finance a Maeving motorcycle for as little as £95.00 per month. You’ve saved money and you’ve got to where you need to be on time. Moreover, once you own a Maeving, charging the battery from zero to hero costs a mere 73p, extending your savings significantly over time.


When you travel on public transport, such as the Tube, you're at the mercy of the schedule. While the London Underground's service is convenient, there are inevitably going to be delays, impenetrably busy trains, and cancellations.

With its lightweight frame and intuitive twist-and-go throttle, a Maeving allows you to seamlessly weave through traffic and always arrive on your schedule.

Something that puts a lot of people off going electric is range anxiety—the stress you might feel if you’re not sure your battery will last a full journey. With a Maeving, range anxiety is a thing of the past. You can simply remove the battery from the bike, carry it into a desired location, and charge it from any standard socket - just like your smartphone.

Better yet, because you can charge wherever there is power, you can occupy your mind with other tasks or activities as your battery replenishes. Whether it be watching television, stopping for coffee, working, or getting some rest, you have the freedom to make the most of your time while your battery recharges, not disrupt your day doing it. 

With Maeving, you're in control of your time, whether you're riding or not.


The benefits of swapping the stifled misery of the Tube for the freedom of a Maeving don’t just apply to you, though. Electric motorcycles help to reduce emissions and ease congestion (which itself is a major contributor to harmful road emissions). A study presented at the Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles in 2012 showed that if one in ten private cars on urban roads were replaced with motorcycles, the time lost to congestion was decreased by 40%. And when one in four cars were replaced with motorcycles, congestion ceased to exist completely.

Now imagine that those motorcycles are not only easing congestion but also emitting zero harmful gases, no noise pollution - nothing but classic British style. A larger proportion of the population riding electric would also help to declutter the Tube at peak times, meaning the switch to electric two-wheelers benefits the whole city.


A Maeving allows you to travel on your own time, and reliably plan when you need to set off without worrying about external factors that negatively impact rush hour.

Commuting is something many of us do every day. So, if you want to add joy to your daily journeys, ride a Maeving and wave goodbye to rush hour.