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Rider Stories: Belle's Bike Beginnings

Rider Stories: Belle's Bike Beginnings

In our new series, Rider Stories, we speak to proud owners of the Maeving RM1. From first time riders who saw Maeving as the perfect entry point, to experienced bikers who were drawn to our classic design and innovative engineering.

These are the stories from the kerbside of Maeving riders.

Belle's Bike Beginnings:

Belle, 26, grew up in South Africa, moving to London just over two years ago. She rides a Maeving Blue RM1 around the capital, commuting to work, meeting up with friends and running errands on the other side of town. For Belle, owning a Maeving has 'made every trip more enjoyable.'

We sat down with Belle to go over what got her started on her journey with Maeving. Here is what she had to say:

When and how did you first become interested in motorcycles? 

Somewhat unbelievably, it was my mum who suggested I get a motorcycle! She knew commuting in London could be a pain (the excitement of getting the tube to work for someone who grew up with limited public transport wore off VERY quickly) and that being on two wheels was a really efficient way of getting around the city.

I had started looking at bicycles but didn’t enjoy riding Boris Bikes around London that much. The bike lane, to a South African (where the roads are without rules), was pretty stressful, so I was put off quickly. Once I had done a test ride on a Maeving I knew it was going to be exactly what I needed. I actually felt so much more confident on a motorbike than I had on a bicycle (full disclaimer: I did not spend a lot of time on a bicycle growing up).

Motorcycling comes with lots of misconceptions. What did you feel were the main barriers (if any) for getting started?

I was a little nervous of the roads in the UK. I had passed my driving test in SA which is notoriously lawless when it comes to road rules. However, after driving around London, you quickly realise that cars spend most of their time sitting in traffic, and bicycles are in their own lane, so being on a motorbike is ideal! It also helps that the speed limit is 30mph in most areas as, generally, everything is moving a bit slower. I also found that my CBT was really informative in terms of understanding road rules, and helped me gain a lot of confidence on two wheels.

There was a bit of doubt before I got the bike just because motorcycling is such a male dominated industry, but after I did my first journey that instantly disappeared. I realized how perfect the bike is for anyone who lives in a city. It’s such an unintimidating and fantastic looking bike, I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

If you were trying to convince a friend to get started with a Maeving, what would you tell them?

You are going to save so much more money and time than you think! The lack of those TFL payments that previously haunted my bank balance is such a welcome change. It's also such a reliable way to get around a city. I never have to worry if the tube/bus is going to arrive on time, or being affected by strikes/disruptions, I can just hop on my bike and go. As someone who likes to be punctual, all the stress around getting somewhere further away was taken away when I was on my bike. It was also hugely satisfying always beating the Google maps ETA because it is so much quicker being on a motorbike than in a car.

What do you enjoy most about the Maeving RM1? And what has surprised you the most?

Not having to rely on any other form of transport to get me somewhere and being in control of my own time. I love being able to have the freedom to get all over London without thinking about how many changes I am going to need to do on the tube. My friends are pretty spread out all over the city so it’s really enabled me to maintain those relationships.

I have also been surprised at how quickly the confidence at riding the bike came. I was cautious in the beginning, mainly because I hadn’t ever driven in the UK, let alone in London. However, what surprised me the most is how much attention the bike gets! I genuinely have never been out in London and not been stopped or called out at. Someone literally once yelled at me to pull over so that they could ask me more about the bike. I’d be fibbing if I said every trip wasn’t a good ego boost!

Lastly, sum up the feeling of riding the Maeving RM1 in three words:

Efficient, smooth, sexy.