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Rider Stories: Caspar Lee

Rider Stories: Caspar Lee

In our new series, Rider Stories, we share stories of our electric motorcycle on the road. From first time riders who saw Maeving as the perfect entry point, to experienced bikers who were drawn to our classic design and innovative engineering.

These are stories from the kerbside of Maeving riders.

Learning to Ride with Caspar Lee

For people of a certain generation, Caspar Lee is one of the most instantly recognisable faces in the world. A star of early YouTube, Caspar has racked up a staggering 781 million views for his videos which regularly feature A-listers, like Ed Sheeran, Chris Pratt and Anna Kendrick. Recently, Caspar has ventured into entrepreneurship, and is the Co-Founder of several businesses, such as Creator Ventures, which invests in consumer internet companies. Caspar has a busy schedule, but uses a White Maeving RM1 to get from meeting to meeting, and to zip through town to catch up with friends. We caught up with Caspar to talk about his journey with Maeving.

When and how did you first become interested in motorcycles?

My journey with motorcycling began when I saw Maeving for the first time. I remember thinking wow, that would be really cool to ride. So, I worked out what I needed to do and realised all I needed was a CBT. It was all super easy.

What was it about Maeving that caught your eye?

It was the clean look of the bike. To be honest, when I ride around London on a Maeving, I never get stopped so much from people asking questions about the bike. It really catches everyone's eye. So, to answer your question, I think it's self-evident.

Did you have any concerns about getting onto a motorcycle for the first time? 

I mean, there's always a risk going around London on a bicycle or motorbike. But I already cycle a lot and, by going on a motorcycle in London, you're not going too much faster. To be honest, I actually feel like I have more control over the traffic because you can properly go in the middle of the road, and you can weave in and out of a situation easily. 

There's always going to be a risk but life comes with risks, so I decide to just enjoy myself.

How are you finding the Maeving RM1?

I think it's just so much fun. I find myself smiling every time I ride. You get to meet new people and see the city in a whole new way. 

And how does it fit into your busy schedule?

I use it mostly to get to work but also to get to things that are usually such a mission to get to. I live in Pimlico and let's say, for example, that I need to get to Chelsea Harbour: usually it's a nightmare with traffic, but it becomes a 10-minute journey on a Maeving. It's amazing. 

Has there been anything that's surprised you about the Maeving RM1, or electric motorcycles more generally?

I was surprised that they aren't much more expensive than regular bicycles or e-bikes. The Maeving RM1 is really competitively priced, and cheaper than a lot of electric motorcycles. I think when people see the bike they're like I bet that's super pricey. Obviously, it's still an investment, but for what you get and what it looks like, I think it's a great deal.

It's also super easy to charge. You can literally charge wherever there's a socket which I love.

As an entrepreneur and investor, what are the main factors that make a new business catch your eye?

I obviously spend a lot of time looking at consumer internet companies, because that's what our fund Creator Ventures does. It doesn't have to be things I'm personally passionate about, what's more important to me is what the customers and consumers are passionate about.

We're looking at metrics like growth rate, retention rate and average spend per customer. A good business has to make sense and you have to go beyond your feelings to ensure a business is going to be a success.

If you were trying to convince a friend to get started on a Maeving, what would you tell them?

I would encourage them to just try one, if they can. Anyone who rides a Maeving would definitely fall in love. 

What's the key to making more people switch to electric?

The key to switching to electric is convenience and price. As much as we hope people will make the switch because it's good for the planet, unfortunately we live in a world where people struggle to pay the bills. So, making them affordable is super important. With convenience, people will ask how easy is it to keep an electric vehicle charged? How easy is it to keep it charged on a longer journey? 

I think Maeving offers something to the market that is genuinely affordable and convenient to charge.

Lastly, sum up the feeling of riding the Maeving RM1 in three words:

Easy, smart, eye-catching.