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Rider Stories: Musician and Father of Three Alan Power

Rider Stories: Musician and Father of Three Alan Power

In our new series, Rider Stories, we share stories of Maeving on the road. From first time riders who saw Maeving as the perfect entry point, to experienced bikers who were drawn to our classic design and innovative engineering. 

These are stories from the kerbside of Maeving riders.

On the Road With Alan Power

Alan Pownall, known in the industry as Alan Power, is a man who lives by many names. During his formative years in the music industry, Alan toured with Adele, Florence and the Machine and Paloma Faith before releasing his debut EP, True Love Stories, in 2010. After taking a break from music, Pownall formed the electro-pop duo, Pale, with Lee Canham in 2012. Most recently, he has been releasing and performing under the pseudonym, Alan Power, treating his fans to two excellent studio albums. We got to know Alan as 'The King of Frome', a husband and father of three, who is on a mission to make safe cool again on a Green Maeving RM1. We sat down with Alan to chat about his journey with Maeving. Here's what he had to say.

When and how did you first become interested in motorcycles?

Motorcycles have always had a certain allure because, well, they just do. I always loved the sight of Steve McQueen on a Triumph or Jude Law on a Vespa. So when I was 17, I saved up to get a Peugeot Speedfight 2. I did my CBT and then literally rode that thing into the ground.

Being a musician meant I spent a lot of my time driving around with a guitar and an amp. Naturally, I had quite a long period away from motorbikes because I just needed to have a car. But when I moved down to Frome, as much as I thought about buying a bike, I never really got my act together. Then I discovered Maeving and I had to grab it with both hands. 

So, what was it about Maeving that caught your eye?

I've seen quite a few ads for electric motorbikes and, to be honest, none of them appealed to me. But when I saw Maeving, I was like, wow, that looks like something I wanna ride. It's almost as if most of the other designers have tried to lean into the electric element, whereas Maeving have gone with a classic design which I really like.

It's got to the stage where I'm thinking about what I'm wearing whenever I go out on a ride. You can't wear trackies and a pair of Crocs on this thing.

Did you have any concerns about getting onto a motorcycle?

I guess I can't compare it to anything else because I'd only ever ridden a scooter when I was much younger. But the one reservation my wife and I had about riding a Maeving was the fact that I have three young children. Motorbikes can be dangerous, right? But at no point do I feel vulnerable on a Maeving. There is nothing jolty about the ride. It's just so smooth, and those qualms were very quickly put to bed.

I like the idea of Alan Power making safe cool again.

And is Maeving helping you with this?

Oh, totally! The markers of what is cool and what isn't are subject to a lot more scrutiny these days. You can't be a rebel without a cause anymore. People want to zoom into your motives. So how do you get away with being safe, conscious and cool? I think with Maeving you get a free pass there: it's better for the environment and safe to ride, whilst remaining undeniably cool.

Is there anything that has surprised you about riding the Maeving RM1, or electric motorcycles more generally?

I was told there would be drawbacks with an electric motorbike, like "because it's not loud, people can't hear you coming." I actually found it to be quite the opposite: you can hear so much more around you which actually feels safer. On the same point, me and my friend, who also has one, ride through the country lanes right next to each other, chatting away at 40mph. It's totally unique. 

How are you finding you are using it the most?

I guess my experience is different to being in London, for example. Although I occasionally take it to the shops, I can't just nip around on it where I live. I don't necessarily want to, either, because that involves picking things up which takes some of the enjoyment out of the ride.

So I tend to plan trips and go out for an afternoon ride with my friend. Basically every time the sun is out I make an excuse to take it out.

If you were trying to convince a friend to get started on a Maeving, what would you tell them?

I would probably go as far to say that, in terms of all the different ways of getting around, it's gotta be up there. The enjoyment of the ride, the fact that it looks great and that it's very easy to get started with makes it really special. The CBT is very straightforward and good fun, too. All you're doing is taking a day out and then you're good to go.

Lastly, sum up the feeling of riding the Maeving RM1 in three words:

Smooth, safe, clean.