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Maeving Expands into the US

We are delighted to have expanded into California, United States.

Maeving Expands into the US

We’re thrilled to announce that Maeving has landed in the United States. With a commitment to sustainability, practicality, and providing a joyful commute to our customers, our expansion into Los Angeles, and the United States more generally, marks a significant milestone in our journey.


With two locations to view our electric bikes (The Bike Shed in the Arts District and Motoring Club in West Los Angeles), Californians are able to experience the quality of a Maeving electric motorcycle firsthand. With an emphasis on British heritage, every inch of these bikes has been meticulously designed to evoke the UK’s motoring past while embodying the essence of a modern motorcycle.


Riders in the U.S. will have the choice between the RM1 or RM1S models. The original electric motorcycle from Maeving, the RM1, is designed for the modern commuter, offering an 80-mile range and a top speed of 45 mph. The RM1S is the newer model, boasting more than twice the power of the RM1 and an enhanced top speed of 70 mph. Whichever bike meets your needs, you can now experience the power of Maeving in sunny SoCal.


For city life, cars can be expensive, and public transportation limits one’s freedom to explore the city on their terms. A motorcycle, on the other hand, has renewed interest across generations for those seeking an affordable, convenient, and expedient option for commuting, grocery shopping, and making it to dinner reservations on time.

Not only that, but Maeving’s commitment to sustainability offers a guilt-free riding experience. Serving as the bridge between modern technology and heritage, Maeving is the top choice for those seeking unparalleled style and a greener footprint.


This marks our first stop in Maeving’s road trip across America. So, grab your helmet and join us as we introduce Maeving to new markets and continue to lead the charge in the electric motorcycle industry.