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Maeving at VivaTech 2024

A recap of Maeving's attendance at Europe's biggest tech and startup event.

Maeving at VivaTech 2024
Exhibiting at Viva Technology '24 was as inspiring as it was a privilege.

Coinciding with our market launch in France, we showcased the Maeving RM1 and unveiled the RM1S to the 165,000 enthusiastic attendees in Paris last week.

Being amidst the 13,500 startups at Europe's biggest tech event afforded Maeving the opportunity to connect with fellow tech enthusiasts and industry leaders, as well as to soak up inspiration from the wonderfully wide array of exhibitors assembled at the event, such as Meta, LVMH, Airbus, and L'Oréal, who neighboured our stand.

To those who stopped by to chat with us and learn more about our electric motorcycles, it was great to meet you, and thank you for your engagement.

Reflecting on the event, Maeving's General Manager in France, Farah Bakhouche, said:

"Exhibiting at Vivatech was such a great opportunity for my team and me. Seeing the first impressions and answering the public's questions was a joy, and we can't wait to see everyone try a Maeving in Paris and beyond!"

If you are based in Paris, we are offering free test rides in the capital, which can be booked by clicking here.

And, if you would like to place a pre-order on the RM1S in France, you can do so by clicking here.