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Maeving and the Future of Urban Travel

Maeving and the Future of Urban Travel

We believe the future of urban travel is on two-wheels, which is why we built the Maeving RM1.


According to the 2022 Traffic Scorecard Report from INRIX, which highlights the scale of city congestion globally, London tops the average number of hours a driver spends in traffic.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of London reports that road transport accounts for around half of the capital's air pollution. 

This means drivers of internal combustion engine (ICE) cars in London are spending many hours of their lives stuck in traffic, slowing their commuting times and decreasing travel enjoyment, while increasing noise and air pollution. 

While governmental and industry level changes are necessary for significantly reducing carbon emissions, it is essential that accountability is taken on an individual level too. 

One of the most effective ways to achieve this in urban areas is changing how we travel. The Maeving RM1 offers the cleanest, fastest and most enjoyable way to get around town. 


With no exhaust, the Maeving RM1 produces zero emissions during travel. A higher proportion of road users switching to electric motorcycles makes cities and their citizens healthier.  

A cleaner, cheaper and faster urban vehicle such as the Maeving RM1 does not mean we compromise on comfort and enjoyment.

Riding a motorcycle will always be fun. There really is nothing like zipping through the streets on a machine that responds to every subtle command. And our motorbike is so simple to use that it can't be anything but fun. There are no gears or superfluous features: simply twist the throttle and go. 


According to a recent study by RAC, which asked 3000 drivers of ICE vehicles for their opinions on EVs, around 60% of participants said they were put off by the lack of available charging points. Additionally, 26% of the participants stated they lack access to off-street charging at home, making it even more challenging.  

The Maeving RM1's fully removable battery charges from any 3-pin socket, just like your phone or laptop. To charge the battery from zero to hero takes under four hours, and costs just 73p. This takes range anxiety out of the question and dramatically decreases expenditure on fuel.

The road ahead looks good on a Maeving.