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Cool Tips for Hot Weather

Cool Tips for Hot Weather

From advice on maintaining good battery health and performance in the heat, to tips on keeping your bike safe. Here's how to get your Maeving RM1 ready for riding in warmer weather.

Check Your 12V Battery

If your Maeving RM1 has spent the winter hibernating, we recommend checking your 12V battery. To do this, simply turn the key to the 'ON' position; if the bike does not switch on, it is most likely the 12V battery is dead and needs replacing.

The 12V Battery Replacement Kit, which you can purchase by clicking here, is the solution for a flat battery and you can find the instructions on pages 59-60 of the Owner's Handbook.

For future reference, the Optimate 3 Trickle Charger is a great solution if you know you're going to be keeping your bike out of use for a long time. Plugged into the integrated point of your Maeving RM1, the Optimate will intelligently keep the 12V battery primed.

Keep Your Batteries Charged

Having your batteries fully charged is the best way to maximise performance. Once you move below 40% State of Charge, the motor begins to derate.

This means that the available power from the motor reduces in a linear fashion as the charge depletes.

For example, if you have a low battery, you may not be able to get above 30mph, but you'll stand a good chance of making it home.

Keep Your Batteries Cool

Storing your battery at room temperature is the best way to maintain battery health and optimise its range when next in use. This means that when you remove the battery for indoor charging, you are simultaneously maximising range and ensuring best health for the battery.

In the UK, it is rare for temperatures to climb high enough for it to pose a risk to the battery's health. We do strongly advise, however, not to store or charge your battery in a conservatory, as temperatures can reach 50°C inside - even in the UK - which will harm the battery.

Keep Your Bike Safe

When you're out on the road, it's important to keep your motorcycle as safe as possible. We offer a range of products to keep you reassured on the safety and security of your Maeving RM1.

  • 3-Year Maeving Track & Secure App: the Maeving Track & Secure app adds a GPS tracker to your motorcycle. From there, you can track the location or summon security services in case of theft.

  • Oxford HD Chain & Lock: light enough to carry around with you but strong enough to give reassurance, it's the perfect chain lock for the Maeving RM1. It comes with three keys and a key replacement service - just keep your key number safe in case you unfortunately lose your keys.

  • Oxford Aquatex Cover: the essential motorcycle cover. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it offers protection against dust and (the inevitable) rain. It can also be a useful theft deterrent. This is especially true when using the cover in conjunction with a chain lock, threaded through the lock holes provided, as it secures both the motorcycle and the cover in place at the same time.

  • Oxford Quartz XA6 Disc Lock, 110DB Alarm: the ideal motorcycle and scooter alarm disc lock - loud and perfect for urban environments. The alarm disc lock has a key replacement service, so if you are unfortunate enough to lose all your keys, a new one can be made up. Just keep note of your key number.

We're Here to Help

As always, if you have any questions or encounter any issues with your Maeving RM1, our Customer Service team is here to help.

You can reach out to us by clicking here.