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How to Stay Safe on a Motorcycle

Read Maeving’s tips for staying safe and feeling comfortable out there on the tarmac.

How to Stay Safe on a Motorcycle

Motorcycling is the most liberating and joyous way to travel from A to B. There’s no better way to feel connected to your surroundings than on two wheels. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, riding a motorbike can be intimidating. One of the main barriers putting people off riding is motorcycle safety.

We know motorcycle safety can be daunting to potential new riders, and that’s why we take it seriously here at Maeving. If you don’t feel safe whilst riding, you’re not going to enjoy it. Follow Maeving’s tips for staying safe and feeling comfortable out there on the tarmac.


Making sure you’re wearing the proper clothing and protective gear is vital for any rider. You’re exposed to the elements out there, so it’s important to dress for the slide, not the ride. Here are 5 tips for wearing the right gear:


First things first, a good quality helmet is a potential lifesaver, so invest in a good one.  It’s also mandatory to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle in the UK and, for the best quality helmets around, head over to Hedon — they’ll have you sorted in no time with a gorgeous British-made motorcycle helmet that will keep you looking and feeling assured on the road.


Once you’ve got yourself a helmet, you’d be well-advised to get yourself some abrasion-resistant clothing. Protective gear doesn’t have to be clunky and ugly — you can look good, feel confident, and stay safe at the same time. Reinforced denim jeans are a good option for your legs — you can find a nice selection at MyMoto. A leather jacket is a sensible option for your top half, providing protection from both abrasions and the elements. You can peruse a great selection of styles and designs at BikeStop.


Protective gloves are going to be your best friends on the road. Not only will they protect you from cuts and scrapes, they’ll also keep your hands lovely and warm in the cooler months and stop them drying out in the wind. You can find a superb range of riding gloves over at BikeStop.


Motorcycle boots come in various styles and designs, but it’s worth finding yourself a good quality pair. Safety and practicality over style, always — but we always like to combine practicality and style here at Maeving. You can find a comprehensive ranking of boots currently on the market at InfinityBikes.


Rain affects motorcycle riders more than it affects car drivers, obviously. You don’t have a roof, and this can put riders off taking the bike out . However, we believe there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. We designed The Envoy Poncho with Private White V.C., so you can stay dry and immune to the elements whilst looking like the star of a film about a very attractive motorcyclist.


It’s good practice when riding (or driving any vehicle, for that matter) to assume that your fellow road users are unpredictable. Assume they haven’t seen you before moving off. Assume that you are the smartest person on the road and try to mitigate the mistakes of others even before they happen.

We’ve made riding safely and defensively as easy as possible, with our intuitive twist-and-go throttle keeping things perfectly clear and simple. The Maeving RM1 and RM1S are made with lightweight frames and come with Dunlop Gold Seal tyres, providing specialised traction on the road. Linked brakes ensure effective stopping ranges in a variety of environments. Maeving believes excellence is peace of mind, and our quality componentry is designed with that in mind.


Don’t ride tired. It’s not worth it. Tired people are less alert and make bad decisions. Poor decisions whilst riding lead to accidents. We can’t stress this enough — please just don’t ride tired. Take a break, have a nap, have a coffee, complete your journey when you’re rejuvenated and alert. 



Passing your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) is a requirement for riding a Maeving electric motorcycle. This course will get you road-ready and prepared to enjoy your Maeving to its fullest extent. Maeving runs a CBT reimbursement scheme, meaning that if you book your CBT, pass it, and purchase a Maeving, we will reimburse the cost of your CBT. 

Essentially, when you purchase a Maeving, your CBT training comes free. This means you can take to the roads with confidence and reassurance, allowing you to get the most out of your Maeving without having to worry about the additional cost of acquiring a licence. Road confidence shouldn’t come at a price.

OK, you’re all set. Stay safe out there, and we’ll see you on the road.