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Cleaner, Happier, Healthier Cities: How Electric Motorcycles Reduce Congestion and Emissions

Electric motorbikes, as far as Maeving is concerned, are for everybody, and we believe they have the potential to radically transform our cities, making them cleaner, happier and healthier places to live.

Cleaner, Happier, Healthier Cities: How Electric Motorcycles Reduce Congestion and Emissions

If the adoption rate for electric motorcycles continues to accelerate, they will significantly reduce both congestion and emissions.


A study presented at the Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles in 2012 showed that if one in ten private cars on urban roads were replaced with motorcycles, the time lost to congestion was decreased by 40%. What’s even more astonishing is that when one in four cars were replaced with motorcycles, congestion ceased to exist completely. Everyone got where they needed to be on time. The only downside of this study was the implication that there may be a future in which you can no longer blame traffic for being late to work — a lot more alarm clocks will surely begin to mysteriously malfunction...

Now, this study was carried out in Belgium and, of course, each road system and traffic situation is different, so we can’t say definitively that persuading every fourth driver you know to make the sensible switch to motorcycles will completely eradicate congestion, but it will, at least, ease your own personal congestion woes, allowing you to weave through slow-moving, busy traffic with ease. According to Transport for London (TfL), around 60% of car journeys in the capital are made alone. Cars may, in general, offer greater range, but the average commute in the UK (and therefore the journeys made at peak congestion times) is just 6.7 miles, negating the need for a massive range in urban areas.

Motorcycles offer a solution to congested roads. With narrow frames and manoeuvrability, they free up space on the road and enhance traffic flow, making commuting more efficient for all road users.

Electric motorcycles, like Maeving, offer the added bonus of reducing emissions.


Another wonderful conclusion drawn from the ACEM study was that this shift to one in ten cars being replaced by motorcycles reduced emissions by 6%. The majority of this reduction was due to the alleviation of congestion rather than the composition of vehicles on the road. This is an encouraging statistic, but this study was done before Maeving and electric motorcycles, in general, existed on urban roads. Switching to an electric motorcycle is inevitably going to have a far greater positive environmental impact on emission statistics, as they don’t produce any during travel. 

So, why choose an electric motorcycle as opposed to an electric car? Well, electric cars are great for reducing emissions but, the problem is, they don’t solve congestion issues. Electric motorcycles offer a solution to this which, if adoption rates grow, would significantly reduce both congestion and emissions.


Analysis from The Guardian shows that more than half of the trains departing fifteen of the UK’s busiest stations in 2022 were delayed or cancelled. Interestingly, Coventry—the home of British motorcycling and our home—had the highest percentage of delayed trains (over 62%). Trains in London and other large cities are overcrowded and unpleasant, especially during commuting hours.

An electric motorbike allows you to travel on your own schedule, no longer at the whim of signal failures or leaves on the track, and to have your own personal space. Anyone who has spent a commute on the London Underground, their face unwillingly thrust into a stranger’s armpit, desperately grabbing at the coats of those around them to prevent from being thrown across a Tube carriage as it lurches and halts, knows the immeasurable value of a comfortable commute.

Buses are good in that they allow more people to travel in one vehicle, theoretically helping to reduce congestion and harmful emissions. However, in reality, buses are also at the mercy of congestion. According to written evidence submitted by the Association of Local Bus Company Managers (ALBUM) to the UK Parliament, bus journey times have increased by 50% over the past 50 years in congested urban areas. Longer journey times mean more harmful emissions. Increased ridership of electric motorcycles eradicates this problem.

Cars account for 81.5% of vehicles on UK roads according to data from the RAC foundation. That’s roughly 33,270,000 cars contributing to congestion and, with only around 2% of them being electric or hybrid-powered, harmful emissions. Riding an electric motorcycle isn’t just the smart option for you personally — the more people that make the switch, the healthier and more efficient roads become for everyone, especially in urban environments.

London actually topped the worldwide congestion ranking for the most amount of time spent in traffic, which is quite an astounding statistic (read our article on that here). Meanwhile, the Mayor of London reported that road traffic accounts for approximately half of the capital's air pollution.This means car drivers in London and most of our cities spend many hours of their lives stuck in traffic, slowing their commuting times, decreasing travel enjoyment, and increasing noise and air pollution.

Switching to a Maeving not only reduces congestion and emissions but also contributes to a cleaner, happier, and healthier environment. With zero-emission travel and a narrow frame, electric motorcycles offer a sustainable solution to the challenges posed by urban traffic congestion and air pollution while adding joy to life's journeys.


Electric motorcycles offer a clear path to a more efficient, comfortable, and healthier future, especially in highly populated areas.

Why Maeving, then? Unlike many other E-motorcycle brands, Maeving is not reliant on charging infrastructure, which is the number one reason deterring people from making the switch. With Maeving, charging is easy: simply remove the batteries and plug directly into the mains - just as you would with your smartphone - and see them charge from zero to hero for less than a pound.

Secondly, Maeving’s componentry is unmatched, built by world-class engineers in Coventry who have over 100 years of combined experience in the industry. Maevings are built different.

Lastly, because a Maeving beautifully captures the best of Britain's heritage in motorcycle design, you can make a positive change and help the planet without feeling like you’re making a sacrifice.

Switch up your commute: ride a Maeving and clean up the roads and the air, all while adding joy to life's journeys.