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BBC CWR Interview with Co-Founder Seb and Head of Production Liam

BBC CWR Interview with Co-Founder Seb and Head of Production Liam

BBC CWR visited our Coventry HQ to celebrate the city's automotive revival and discuss the Maeving RM1 with Co-Founder, Seb Inglis-Jones, and Head of Production, Liam Moriarty.

To those in the know, Coventry, and the Midlands more generally, is the beating heart of the British motorcycle industry. Sadly, many of the most renowned manufacturers have disappeared from the area, leaving a community of world class engineers without a stage to showcase their skills. Maeving represents a new chapter in the vibrant story of Midlands motorcycling. Our mission is to make the best electric motorcycles possible and we believe that this is most readily achieved by harnessing Britain's heritage in motorcycle engineering

Speaking to reporter, Richard Williams, about Maeving's ties with Coventry, Seb explained, "We've got a really rich heritage when it comes to British motorcycle design. We decided we were going to build the product ourselves and, in order to do that, we'd need the best engineers in the country. Rewind 50 years and all the great British motorbikes were made a stone's throw away from where we're based now, so Coventry made perfect sense."

When asked about his team, Liam said, "We were very lucky. A lot of our guys have done years and years in the industry. Our Production Lead, Martin, has done 20-25 years in the motorcycle industry and has put over half a million bikes together, so we have the expertise for sure."

Coventry is home to some of the brightest minds in the world of motorbikes. We are privileged to provide our engineers the platform to showcase their invaluable craftsmanship and to build a motorcycle that stands proudly among the greats made in the Midlands.

Thank you for sharing our story, BBC CWR.