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Maeving RM1 Founder Edition

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  • Removable battery included
  • Charge from any plug socket
  • 45mph top speed
  • 40-80 miles of range
  • Zero emissions
  • Free shipping*
  • Two-year warranty

Welcome to the Founder Edition: Maeving's first ever production run of 100 limited edition bikes. Engineered by a team responsible for some of Britain's greatest motorcycles, the Maeving RM1 Founder Edition has been designed for urban travel. It's hand-built in Coventry, and uses a next-generation powertrain developed in collaboration with Bosch.

It is lightweight, manoeuvrable, and is powered by removable batteries that can be charged at any plug socket. These first edition bikes are unique; numbered 1-100 and sporting exclusive carbon-fibre mudguards.

Zero emissions. Maximum joy. Charge on.

Maeving will deliver your RM1 bike to your door, free, anywhere in the UK (excluding Highlands and Islands).

A Maeving engineer will be on hand to set up the bike for your first use and to show you how to use it.

If you're outside our delivery area and wish to place an order, please contact us - we may be able to sort something out.

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Select 28mph if you're aged 16

Top Speed
An image showing how easy it is to remove the battery on the Maeving RM1 electric motorcycle
A removable battery. Smart.

No charging stations. No range anxiety. No worries.

A removable battery you can charge anywhere.

An image highlighting the detail on the Maeving RM1's vegan leather saddle, to show that it is made in Britain with a high degree of artistry
British heritage. Updated.

A new player in the age of electric, with over a century of British motorcycle engineering behind it.

Engineered for you.

An image zoomed in on the Bosch electric motor, highlighting how simple the electric motorcycle is to service and maintain
Simple and reliable.

No gears. No chain.

Power through a single moving part.

An image showing the Maeving RM1 with both battery doors open, showing that you can get power from two batteries at the same time
Dual battery power.

Use two batteries at once.

Boost your power, and double the range.

A view from behind of the Maeving RM1, showing the tank and handlebar switch keys
Easy access storage.

Electronically actuated compartments. Quick and secure storage access at the touch of a button.

Find my Bike & Anti-Theft App*

*free to Founder Edition purchasers. If you want to opt out of this, please select 'No App' before adding your product to basket.

An icon showing the Maeving app
An image of a phone showing the Maeving app route finder in use

More info

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Maeving RM1 Founder Edition FAQs

The Maeving RM1 is only available from the official Maeving store.

Our first release is already totally sold out, but you can sign up to be the first to hear when our early 2022 release is available.

The Maeving RM1 can support two batteries and is sold with one. One battery provides around 40 miles of range (usage & conditions dependent), perfect for the urban commute. Plug in a second to instantly double the available range to 80 miles. You can charge your battery from any plug socket in around 3.5 hours. Try a cafe, your desk at work, your mate's house, your bedside table - anywhere.

The Maeving RM1 goes 45mph, perfect for weaving in and out of traffic in an urban environment