Welcome to the Maeving Ambassador programme

Recommend Maeving to a friend, and you’ll both reap the rewards. We are offering a £500 discount for every person that your refer to us. In return we will give you £500 cashback to thank you for your support.

Refer your friends

Give £500 off, get £500 back.


A referral is considered “qualified” once your friend or family member's Maeving has been successfully delivered. Note, it may take a few days for your £500 cash reward to be sent to you as some referrals may require further review by a member of our referral team.

No, all your friend of family member needs to do is successfully purchase a Maeving and have this successfully delivered to their chosen address. They do not need to register for us to approve a “thank you” gift for you, your friend only needs to fill out the Enquiry Form to learn more about WGU’s programs.

You can earn up to £7,000 each calendar year, which is 14 people per year.