Aubin + Maeving


We recently had the opportunity to partner with Aubin in their Oxford Street location. We provided one of our stunning RM1 motorcycles to support their Autumn 2022 collection, which added an element of adventure and charm to the already impressive assortment of apparel.

Given our references to heritage, intelligent design, and most importantly authenticity, it makes for a perfect match. Aubin steers towards integrity by creating a quality product; as does Maeving. It just makes sense that our motorcycle would look right at home even in the middle of a shopping centre.



Having a motorcycle sitting front and centre in one of the most visited John Lewis locations, is no easy feat; attracting attention from fashion enthusiasts and electric-petrol heads alike. When considering fashion people don’t immediately make the leap to motorcycles, however that is not the case when considering the RM1. From the vegan leather stitched seat to the light wood panelling on the batteries, our thoughtful design is apparent throughout. This is just one of the many reasons Maeving and Aubin pair so well.


Please discover more about Maeving and our growing relationship here, on the Aubin website.